The Water Security Crisis in Yemen

In recent years, water security, or the availability of reliable water sources, has become an increasingly pertinent issue. Threats emerging from the environment are only increasing in magnitude to the exacerbation of climate change and how it threatens our vital resources, including access to water, and is thus becoming a threat to political stability in many developing regions. Yemen, a small country located on the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula, has faced a severe water crisis for the past few years, due to explosive population growth, an arid and water scarce climate, as well as poor agricultural methods and water allocation. The nation’s water supply will set a precedent for modern water security due to the scientific predictions that Sana’a, the nation’s capital, will run out of water, leaving the country’s population of 23 million in jeopardy. This paper, “The Water Security Crisis in Yemen,” illustrates an ongoing and critical phenomenon in developing countries and their difficulties accessing a reliable water source for their population.

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